How To Avoid Mistakes In Setting Up Your Shopify Theme

Preparing your store for its opening on Shopify can be very exiting and a lot of hardwork too. First you need to sign-up for it, then you can either purchase shopify themes or select the free ones. After which, you also have to customize it to your liking so that your store can look unique and fit your brand. It can take a lot of time to tweak your theme into the customization that you prefer and once its done, you can now open your doors to the shoppers. But wait, are you sure your store is really ready?

Given that we spent a lot of time working on customizing our shop, it can be challenging for us to see if there are little mistakes in it. We get so used to seeing it that we often don’t notice the mistakes we make until someone else calls our attention about it. In this case, your shoppers would have been the one to call out your attention because of the little mistakes. You don’t want this because you want your shoppers to see that you have a well prepared shop that is devoid of simple mistakes. The best thing to do here is to ask a family member, a friend or a co-worker to check your site. Just make sure that they are fresh eyes and haven’t seen any part of your store until now. Let them check the different links, signing up for the newsletter, adding items to their cart and a whole lot of things.

As someone else is checking the site, you should also be checking on a few things to help make sure that your site is flawless. Here are a few things that you should include in your checklist.

1. Defaults – You have to scan your site thoroughly and make sure that you have replaced all the default text with your own custom text. You have to review the site page by page and line by line to make sure you didn’t accidentally leave any default text on it. Aside from the default texts you should also make sure that you replace the default images unless you want those default images to be seen as part of your store.

2. Color – The color you set is also very important. You should make sure that it is set to the color that matches your brand or that the color set is consistent with the rest of the pages in the shop. It can be challenging to check these because some of them only appear when you are under certain circumstances.

3. Fonts – You should also make sure that the fonts you use are all consistent. There are lots of fonts to choose from but that doesn’t mean that you should use them all. Using two to three fonts can be enough for your website. You can also vary the weight of your text as well as the spacing to provide to put emphasis on what you want them to focus on.