Choosing A Web Design

When a business wants a web site to assist them in bringing in more customers, they have to consider two major aspects. The first is how to get people to visit the site and the second is how to convert those visitors into customers. As there are two aspects to be considered, there are also two solutions. The solution to getting visitors to the site is the use of search engine optimization (SEO) and the solution to converting visitors to customers is good web design and development.

SEO is used to ensure that any web site, gets visited on a regular basis and one of the ways it ensures this is by getting it noticed by the search engines. The different search engines owned by Google, Yahoo and others, follow strict criteria in order to produce a list of results to searches. The SEO specialists are aware of these criteria and can therefore apply keywords and other strategies to a website ensuring they match the search engine criteria and get placed high on the list of results. As one of the search engine criteria involves the popularity of a web site on the social media, an SEO specialist will also advise a web site owner of which social media sites to join and how to attract likes on that site. It is also good though, if visitors could visit the site other than just at times when they are making searches and so, an SEO can advise the use of back links which are shortcuts to the site, which are placed on other, perhaps more popular sites.

Having used SEO to ensure that their web site gets plenty of visitors, it is up to the web site owner to ensure that that web site is capable of converting the visitors to customers. This is done by having a good web site design, one that appeals to the visitors which visit the site. For this purpose, a web site owner may either choose a trending web design Singapore or decide on one that is unique but whichever choice they make, the site must be of good quality. Many visitors to different sites take one look at it and quickly move to another site before they have even bothered to see what the web site has to offer. The web site must therefore capture the visitor’s attention which means it must be relevant, interesting and pleasing to the eye. Once the visitor’s attention has been captured, an easy to navigate web site can quickly make the visitor aware of what the site can offer and so may avail themselves of it.

Although there are specialized web site designers and SEO specialists, many web site development companies or even individuals, can in fact provide both services. As the criteria for the search engine often change, in order for a business to keep its web site at the top of any searches, it is better for them to take advantage of any long term offers the developer or SEO specialist may offer as they will then monitor any changes and amend the site accordingly.